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ARTech offers a full set of technical and creative skills to provide answers to your information management and marketing needs.
Choose from the selections on the right for a complete list of services. Then give me a call or send an email and let's find out if ARTech Virtual Services can provide experienced web, internet, marketing and technical support services to help you target your business strengths and achieve your revenue goals

Web Development Skills and Internet Savvy

Creating a unique, compelling web site that will reflects you and your core business and targets the right revenue generating customers takes more than building a few pages.
When you design your site you need to be very clear on the "product" you are selling. Too many sites try to answer all of a customers needs and the real business gets lost in the busy pages. The site layout should flow cleanly and smoothly and not frustrate the person searching for specific business information.
Before building the first page you must determine the keywords that will bring you the most traffic or each business product you offer. To get your web site "found" on the major search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Google you must have a clear understanding of search engine behavior and build your pages to reflect that behavior but present an enjoyable visual experience to your customers.

Web Page Ranking and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization requires many skills beyond the technical:
Analysis to determine a client's business product and target customers; Communication to work with and learn each client's real business knowledge; Psychology to identify customer keyword search behavior for each business product; Marketing to present keywords in a manner that pleases search engines and customers; Patience to track and record detailed SEO results and change content to obtain best page ranking; Dedication to researching the latest SEO techniques and paid advertising avenues.
Getting your web site "found" on the major search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Google requires technical skills and internet savvy. ARTech's web services can help you design your site with search engine behavior in mind. We will also help you decide which, if any, of the paid advertising possibilities including PPC are right for your business site.

Data Management

Collect prospect data off your web site into a database with a property information or newsletter sign-up data form.
Collect, organize, and maintain your prospect and client data using PHP, MySQL or MS Access.
Import and export data to Excel, PDA, Access, Outlook or the marketing tool of your choice.

Targeted Mailings

Build formatted emails and plan mailings around your web site prospect database that will bring the right customer to your business
Design Post Cards specifically for your marketing campaigns including properties listed and sold.
Create targeted mailing campaigns from selected property demographic and tax data.

Investment Reports

Generate PlanEASe Investment Analysis reports (prepared by an experienced Commercial Broker CCIM, 23 years) to provide you with cost effective and timely analyses of income-producing properties. PlanEASe Reports include Assumptions, Acquisition, APOD, ProForma Income Statements, and Rent Rolls.
Personalized Commercial Property Valuation document including photos, APN specific information, and financial content to support the suggested market price. Owners can be contacted directly to collect gross scheduled income and estimated operating costs and then derive the NOI and a ballpark property valuation price that fits within a target cap rate range.

Presentations and Documents

ARTech combines vital marketing and technical support skills to offer you a complete business solution:
Build PowerPoint investment and listing presentations and provide Adobe PDF files for property portfolios.

Graphic Design

Ceate unique designs based on your input for all graphic needs including web site graphics, logos, letterheads, and business cards.
Design formatted emails, brochures, flyers, data sheets and post cards specifically for your marketing campaigns including properties listed and sold.

ARTech Virtual Marketing Services

ARTech combines vital marketing and technical support skills to offer you a complete business solution:

  • information management to support mailing list creation, maintenance, and selection for target marketing;
  • graphic design to provide unique logos, business cards and post cards tailored to each mailing;
  • web and internet skills to design, launch and optimize your web site to assure a high ranking on the most popular search engines (SEO).

When you contact ARTech, I will personally and honestly answer all your questions and provide you with the individual attention and focus that your commercial business requires.

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