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Janylyn Marks, Virtual Assistant

To help you understand what getting ranked on Google and other search engines is all about, here are some questions that I have often been asked by my clients.
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Q: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving a web site's keyword performance with the ultimate goal of generating more revenue for the web site. Individual web pages are optimized for specific keyword groups/phrases so that the individual page ranks higher in search engines for the targeted keywords. Optimization includes:

  • Identifying the top "keywords" that the client's target market is searching for on the Internet.
  • Aiding in the design and implementation of search engine ready, keyword optimized titles, descriptions, content and keyword tags
  • Editing page headings based on keyword phrases
  • Incorporating keyword phrases further within existing text
  • A user-friendly text navigation menu
  • A internal and inbound link strategy

Q: Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important?

A: Internet Search is a marketing channel that connects your company to your target audience. Comprehending how a customer thinks is crucial. Understanding customer search behavior and motivations will dramatically increase a search marketing campaign's success.

Over 70% of Internet searchers prefer natural search results over paid advertising (PPC). Comprehending how a search engine robot "thinks" and using search engine optimization strategies to meet the robot's site structural criteria is vital to assuring top position in natural search results.

When a web site is built with Search Engine Optimization in mind, you can tap into the "natural" traffic flow of quality visitors and provide an effective site that delivers the content for which your visitors are looking.

Q: How can I get my site found by my customers?

A: You design a web site that will tap into your customer's mind.

You create a site that presents the words the customer was thinking about when they searched for your business product.

The goal of Google, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, AskJeeves and the rest of the search engines is to give the person searching the list of web sites that best matches what they are searching for.

If your web site satisfies the search engines, your customers will find it.

Q: How are you any different from all those websites and spam emails promising the world for $20 to $2000?

A: I am a real person that you can talk to with real referential clients.

My reputation for absolute honesty is a vital part of my professional and personal self worth.

My goal is to make sure that each client is satisfied with the work I have done and trust that they have received the best service possible.

Q: What do I have to commit to?

A: Your only commitment is to work with me to provide project requirements and to verify the results at several stages during development to insure that what is delivered is what you requested.
We will work directly by phone and email for only the time necessary to communicate the project requirements.
We will establish the project deliverables, hourly rate and time frame that is acceptable to both of us before any costs begin.

Q: What makes me different from any other SEO expert?

A: ARTech combines vital analysis, marketing and technical support skills to offer you a complete internet marketing business solution. Specific Search Engine Optimization skills include:

An eye for information patterns. When researching a business product I look for patterns in the consumer search data. I look for the unexpected connection between consumer search behavior and my client's business products and services.

Work well with clients. Good listening and communication skills. The ability to discuss the most technical concept and make it simple to understand.

A profound understanding of the technical principles upon which the Internet is built. The ability to utilize this knowledge to research emerging optimization trends and keep client sites in top position.

When you contact ARTech, I will personally and honestly answer all your questions and provide you with the individual attention and focus that your internet business requires.

Q: What are your specific search engine skills?

Q: How can you build my internet business?

Janylyn Marks

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