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Janylyn Marks, Virtual Assistant

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have help that is always there?

The right help at the right time?

But only when you are ready for it?

A skilled, experienced, efficient, and dedicated Virtual Assistant may be your answer.
Click through the selections on the right for answers to your main questions. Then give me a call or send an email for more information about how ARTech Virtual Services can save you time and money.

Q: What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A: A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed entrepreneur with a fully equipped home office and a specific set of creative and technical skills to provide remote support services to busy clients.
Deciding to be a "Virtual Assistant" is choosing a life-style. You are not regulated by traffic patterns, dress codes, and arbitrary time management schedules. Your only goal is to satisfy each client's requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible and move on to the next project or support task.
A Virtual Assistant has excellent communication skills and is able to work independently. A VA must be self-motivated, extremely organized, detail oriented and take personal satisfaction in the goals achieved.

Q: Why should I use a Virtual Assistant?

A: A Virtual Assistant will save you time and money.
You do not have to struggle with technology when a Virtual Assistant can provide the expertise and efficiency you need to get the job done quickly and economically.
You do not have to provide training, computer equipment, costly office space, employee benefits or full time wages.
You work with your VA on specific projects for the hourly rate and time period you both agree to.

Q: What are the costs to me?

A: Your only cost will be for the hours I work directly on your project.
A project cost and time estimate will be provided for your approval before any work or costs begin.

Q: How are you any different from all those websites and spam emails promising the world for $20 to $2000?

A: I am a real person that you can talk to with real referential clients.
My reputation for absolute honesty is a vital part of my professional and personal self worth.
My goal is to make sure that each client is satisfied with the work I have done and trust that they have received the best service possible.

Q: What do I have to commit to?

A: Your only commitment is to work with me to provide project requirements and to verify the results at several stages during development to insure that what is delivered is what you requested.
We will work directly by phone and email for only the time necessary to communicate the project requirements.
We will establish the project deliverables, hourly rate and time frame that is acceptable to both of us before any costs begin.

Q: Why should I choose ARTech Virtual Services?

A: ARTech combines vital marketing and technical support skills to offer you a complete business solution:

  • information management to support mailing list creation, maintenance, and selection for target marketing;
  • graphic design to provide unique logos, business cards and post cards tailored to each mailing;
  • web and internet skills to design, launch and optimize your web site to assure a high ranking on the most popular search engines (SEO).

When you contact ARTech, I will personally and honestly answer all your questions and provide you with the individual attention and focus that your commercial business requires.

Q: What are your specific virtual skills?

Q: Does ARTech handle every support service I might need?

Janylyn Marks

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