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Janylyn Marks, ARTech Virtual Assistant

Hello, my name is Janylyn Marks

I own and manage ARTech Virtual Services. When you contact ARTech, I will personally and honestly answer all your questions to provide you with the individual attention and focus that your business requires.

My preparation for becoming a Virtual Assistant

After graduating from St Mary's and Notre Dame with degrees in Psychology and Computer Science I have spent over 20 years in Information Technology with an emphasis on technical project management and information analysis for major corporations including Merrill Lynch, MCI, BEA, IBM and Chevron. During the last four years I have become an entrepreneur and moved into the field of small business support providing Web Site Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Data Management, Graphic Design and Marketing services. Now the work has become really fun.
My many years of Project Management and Information Analysis experience required excellent written and oral communication skills, a thorough understanding of mainframe, client-server and web based computer technologies, extensive experience with software support tools including Word, Excel, Visio, MS Outlook and Outlook Express and finally a comfort and expertise with data and database management (MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL).

How I found out I was already a Virtual Assistant

It was only after working for several small business and local professionals that I found out that I was a Virtual Assistant.
As I moved away from the formal office environment and became an entrepreneur I found that many of my personal and technical skills were directly applicable to working directly with small business clients to define and meet their daily business support needs and portfolio marketing plans.
Last November, when one of the professionals I am working listened to a toastmaster topic on "virtual assistant - a new service industry", I learned of Virtual Assistant as a formal and viable career opportunity.
It has been exciting to find out that the work I have been doing for over three years falls under the new heading of Small Business Virtual Assistant Support and Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services with a specialty in Commercial Real Estate Support.

How I came by my Real Estate Support Skills

I met Scott Bennett, a Century21 realtor, over three years ago when he was a new realtor and I was beginning my transition from coorporate America to launching a small business of my own. We started working together in several different capacities. The work has been both fun and fascinating.
One of his first needs was an individualized web site where he could promote his own listings and stand out from other Lake County realtors. We worked together on the design and launched  in March 2003. It is a clean, attractive site and ranks highly on major search engines. I continue to monitor and maintain search ranking as well as adding new featured listings as needed.

The next step was Commercial Real Estate Support

As I worked with Scott developing a web site and marketing program that targeted residential properties I noticed that there was a hole in the commercial side of the real estate business. Lake County's population is relatively small but it is starting to grow. Both the population and median income is increasing and thus commercial opportunities are beginning to happen.
I suggested that we try a targeted commercial mailing. I extracted commercial property owners targeting Use Code, Total Value, and Last Transfer Date and created Access mailing labels. When I could not find any mailing brochures or post cards specifically geared to the type of commercial mailing we wanted to do, I designed the "Commercial Property Evaluation" card. It has received quite a response in the community.

Finding the right commericial marketing target

The response to the commercial mailing was very positive but we found that a simple "spin" on the usual residential property evaluation was insufficient for commercial owners.
I developed a 6-8 page Commercial Property Valuation document including photos, APN specific information, and financial content to support the suggested market price. I contacted the owners directly to collect gross scheduled income and estimated operating costs and then derive the NOI and a ballpark property valuation price that fit within a target cap rate range.
This document is reviewed by the realtor and then presented to the property owner. The Commercial "Just Listed" post card was designed as direct result of the success of the mailing and valuation documents.

More Commercial Real Estate Client Experience

I have recently designed and launched two more web sites for commercial investment realtors, one in New Mexico and the other in Ventura California
Additional commercial marketing services have included:

  • Targeted mailings requiring address extraction and manipulation of raw data from title companies and ParcelQuest statewide tax data
  • Graphic design of business cards, logos, letterheads and commercial post cards for targeted advertising
  • Business and property evaluation documents
  • PowerPoint listing presentations

Why I want to expand my virtual assistant career.

I love solving problems and making thing work better. From setting up a prospect database to analyzing a client's business to establish a clear, compelling marketing message, at the end of the day I always feel I accomplished something special.
I love Virtual Assistant work because it encourages the creative fusion of art and technology. It has been a re-vitalizing experience to let loose the right-brained artistic side and watch it meld with the logical, technical Janylyn. I may never paint that wall-spanning mural or write the Great American Novel but I have felt great satisfaction when an image in my mind takes form and comes to life on a web page or a uniquely striking marketing post card.
I truly enjoy creating a complete "package" that technically works as planned, has a great visual impact, and generates the desired marketing response for my client.

Janylyn Marks

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